Energy Management Cell

Energy is an important entity of the campus. Hence, it is essential that campus adopt an energy policy to promote the proper management and conservation of energy as well as the use of renewable energy. UCEK aims in creation of awareness regarding energy conservation and management.

Details of generator at kariavattom campus

The campus at kariavattom is provided with three no’s of generators ( 2 no’s- 600KVA and 1 no- 250KVA ). Among this 1no - 250KVA is exclusively for clif building. The other two are meant for entire buildings. During power disruption generators are operating either manually or automatically.

Details of UPS installed at ucek

For each labs 5KVA- 2no’s ups are installed.

Details of renewable energy sources

Solar panels are installed at the roof top of building .

Cell Team

Energy Management Cell comprising of the following staff members

Mrs. Simi charlyAsst.ProfessorECE
Mrs..G.S.Aiswariya ThankachiAsst.ProfessorGeneral Department